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EVSL in Kenya 

Our work

Key Principles

We see the Constitution as the defnitive expression  of Kenya's identity,  and it sets out in Article 10, the national values which are  central to its unity and cohesion.

Throughout our work there is a sense of the importance we attach to ethics and values and its connection to sustainable change at all levels and all sectors of society.  

Just as national values are key to Kenya's identify and future, they are central to other dimensions of our society in public service, business, and civil society. 

This interrelationship and interconnectedness are manifest in our appoach to our work and the way it is executed. 


We understand that business ethics and values can present a challenge for any organisation, especially those that have never explicitly considered these dimensions of their operation before. Understanding the rights and responsibilities of the workforce, imbuing the corporate culture with ethics and values while carrying on day-to-day business can be complex.

Our approach, through our schemes and standards, is to enhance your business processes and workplace culture with a firm connection to the provisions of Article 10 of the Constitution, and demonstrate that this organisational enhancement can bring big benefits.

Throughout the process, we build confidence that progress is being made, inspiring stakeholders and participants to maintain their commitment through the challenges that significant change brings.

We believe this approach, applied universally, brings consistency across the nation, trust in institutions, contributes to the development of cohesion and unity, and supports the fight against corruption.

Our Unique Programmes

We design and deliver schemes, standards and management systems, courses and training materials, anchored on business ethics, values, equality and cohesion in the framework of good governance. Our unique methodology combines the best business processes and ICT with an unrivalled ethics and values delivery platform.

Our interventions promote and accelerate the adoption of business ethics and values whilst delivering the competence and confidence of employees needed to create an ethical, values-led workplace.

The three major components of our interventions are ethics, values and compliance.

We support organizations to make positive change through three phases:

Education and awareness
Actions that are straightforward and simple to follow
Measurement and monitoring

Our programmes and interventions are scalable and designed for a variety of end users: Boards, Chairs, Directors, Senior Associates, Company Secretaries, employees of all categories in the public private and civil society sectors.

We use a variety of learning interventions, which can be delivered face to face, online, or in tailor-made workshops.

We listen carefully, assess your needs, design and deliver the programme scheme or standard that best suits your corporate transformational objectives.

Our initial activity will be to discuss your duty and legal responsibility to the provisions of Article 10 of the Constitution, and how this specifically affects your organisation.

We will work with you to put in place a healthy workplace culture, and introduce the steps necessary to effect change.

As your specific objectives are addressed, we will apply an integrated and dynamic process, which we have devised, to distil ethics and values into your organisation’s relevant operational processes. Our schemes and standards produce meaningful outcomes that implement change and deliver tangible, sustainable results.

The enhanced processes embed best practice and provide the integrated metrics, which evidence progress and the benefits being accrued.

Recognition and reward at both individual and organisation levels is a strength of our Scheme and Standard based approach.

Our processes leverage the benefits of business ethics and values, equality and cohesion. The goal is to ensure a high performing organisation observing the principles of good corporate governance in the context of the Constitution and associated legislation.

There are many imperatives for organisations of all sizes to be values and ethics-led; being a good employer, developing a culture of retention and inclusion, gaining endorsement within the business sector and community, complying with local and international initiatives, i.e. The Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).