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Embrace Values and Standards

Enhancing business, promoting fairness, supporting the Constitution

What is Embrace Values and Standards Limited? 

Embrace VSL is a Kenyan organisation, a provider of innovative business solutions and corporate programmes built around a central theme of ethics, values and commitment to the Constitution.

This is an approach which is designed to achieve concrete objectives and measurable results, and it does so while putting integrity, ethics and values at the heart of the organisation's agenda with additional benefits for the community and the nation.

Every successful organisation needs to respond and adapt to events, opportunities, and challenges.  We see a strong company ethos as a powerful factor in . An ethos which embraces every member of the organisation building the commitment and trust needed for long-term, sustainable success. 

Our unique approach creates a positive, engaged shared mind-set receptive to new initiatives and committed tocollective achievement. Our focus is to deliver the organisation’s priorities and strategic objectives and at the same time seamlessly infuse organisational practice with business ethics andvalues. Employees recognise and appreciate being part of a values-led ethical organisation; it is more than a good place to work it is a place to be proud of. It is worthy of their commitment and their best efforts.

Our wide ranging experience enables us to engage with the business sector, public service, and civil society organisation, and our extensive technical skills are able to address diverse challenges.


For citizens to benefit from the provisions of the Constitution in a fair and equal Kenya led by its national values and principles of governance.


To support organisations in all sectors to embed ethics, values and equality into their operational practice to the benefit of citizens, communities and the nation.

Our Values

Integrity, diligence, and accountability, guided by the national values of Kenya 

Our Belief

We believe that organisations that combine good leadership with ethics and integrity become stronger, more successful and contribute more fully to the nation and to the community.

The Bigger Picture

There is a bigger picture; every organisation, community and is part of national life and society. Values are so important they are the cornerstone of our Constitution and it is the responsibility of every person and organisation to support, adhere, and act in accordance with our national values and principles of governance.  

There is no greater responsibility and no stronger bond acorss all Kenyans. 

By instilling this into the way we think and behave at all levels we are supporting unity, democracy and a peaceful, cohesive society.

Embrace believes that an organisation which recognises, commits, and acts in accordance with its responsibilities under our Constitution, will directly benefit from being visibly and tangibly committed to being ethical and values-led.  

EVSL, through Embrace International Ltd, (a UK registered company) has worked with the government of Kenya since 2012. Embrace International Ltd is the author of the Kenya National Values Standard (KNVS).

A pioneer in national values consulting, EVSL is an authority on ethics, national values and principles of governance.

Our schemes embed the provisions of Article 10 of the Constitution into organisational practice, measure and monitor change, establish and demonstrate the significant business benefits that have been achieved. This is a unique process, which enables organisations to be actively and visibly aligned with the provisions of Article 10 of the Constitution.

We believe that organisations that combine good leadership with ethics and integrity become stronger, more successful and contribute more fully to the nation and society.